Event Recording

If you need a high-quality recording of your event then StreamedEvents can provide everything you need. With us, the event is captured live ~ no waiting weeks for editing and delivery.

A recording is often an essential requirement for many business events, from presentations, performances and training sessions, to financial results and AGMs. Of course, projected PowerPoint-type content can also be included.

For private events, such as weddings or partnership ceremonies, a recording can be a valued memento.

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You can receive your recording in either full-screen television format, or as an encoded file to be shared electronically.

Our portable production units are self-contained, and take up just one square metre. They use a normal 13-amp socket, and normally need just one operator.

Our cameras provide full HD colour pictures under most conditions. They are small, discreet, and remotely controlled, so the operator and production unit can often be in a different area, with no distracting camera operators or tripods in sight.

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